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    Upgrading antique automotive heater components

    Hello, I hope this isn't too far outside this forum's usual fare. My pride and joy is a 1959 Morris Minor. As you can imagine, it has a pretty simple electrical system composed of mechanical relays and such, and usually I have no trouble working on it. However, I'm homebrewing some upgrades to...
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    Using a rheostat in place of a Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor?

    I have a flat iron hair straightener that I have pulled apart in the hope I may be able to control the temperature to a lower heat value. Currently, the lowest it reaches is around 330F. I would like to drop it to around 200-250F. I am wondering if anyone can help by telling me if I can replace...
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    Water distiller variable resistor

    I plan to get a 750 W, 220 V water distiller so that i can distill my own alcohol with it (in NZ so is fully legal), was thinking i should put a variable resistor on it so that i can regulate the temperature of the heating element so that i can seperate the methanol and ethanol more accurately...

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