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  1. polashd

    Ceiling fan rewinding type

    I'm rewinding an old ceiling fan (48"). 14 poles, 7 for starting, 7 for running. Both has same number of turns which is around 750 turns each pole (wire size is 34 SWG). Winding is basket type. From net I found people use lower turns (350, 400, 450, 500). I'm confused why my fan has so high...
  2. throbscottle

    re-purposing yellow "site" transformers

    May not mean anything to non-uk people! So anyway, looking through eBay listings I keep seeing site transformers (if you don't know, they are used on building sites etc to provide 110v cte power for tools), sometimes very cheap, and keep wondering how easy or hard it would be to take one apart...

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