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  1. N

    Hovercraft blues

    Hi there. I am building (have built) a hovercaftf from old vacuum motors on a wood frame (I know, it's heavy). The motors are wired in series (have bypassed their original switch and go to a common switch and power source), keeping their original resistors in the circuit. My problem is this...
  2. E

    Help on finding Thevenin Resistance and Current across resistor for RL Circuit?

    Hello! Good evening to you all! I'm currently brushing up on RC & RL circuits in preparation for an upcoming exam, and I found this circuit to be rather complex in its design. I've had a limited understanding of natural and step responses for RC & RL circuits, and this circuit certainly hits it...
  3. chinjazz

    Repair a KRK 10s Subwoofer - parts id

    Hi All, I'm brand new here.. And I'm basically looking for help identifying a few components, and a good source to buy them. I made a blog post so it would be easier to link here and elsewhere. Anyway, here's my link: http://chinjazz.blogspot.com/2016/11/fixing-krk-10s-subwoofer-pcb.html I'm...

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