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  1. L

    Repair LED light of Moon lamp

    I have a moon lamp which consist on LED light now light of my moon lamp damage i want to repair but i don't know specification of LED light and also need battery to convert my best moon lamp into chargeable so recommend me Light and battery for moon lamp moon lamp working on 5A and 12V adopter...
  2. sr13579

    How to make volume control buttons for Powerbeats 3

    I was given a powerbeats. I found that the speaker and the buttons are heavily damaged. But somehow I was succeded to connect it with a nother speaker. Again I found that the control buttons are not working. I found two wires connected with the control board to motherboard(the main receiver...
  3. O

    please help to fix a toy

    I’m trying to fix my niece’s toy vending machine. How it works: Machine trigger neither by fake coin and credit card (the motor push the lever then it hit the stop switch which stop the motor). But when trigger by fake paper money then the motor will keep turning about 4 seconds after the stop...

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