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  1. R

    wireless audio transmitters & receivers

    Hi, I'm wondering how many individual wireless transmitters/receivers (stereo or mono is fine) in theory can operate in short range (3 ft. max) next to each other without interfering dramatically (via RF freq. UHF, or any other freq. or means that would be wireless). Prefer a solution with...
  2. sr13579

    JDY-62 Datasheet required!

    Hello Friends! Can you help me with the pinouts of this bluetooth audio receiver module?
  3. B

    Where are the points of a receiver circuit signals waveform that can be seen by an oscilloscope?

    Hello, In a receiver circuit like as an AM radio receiver from antenna to speaker ; 1-Where are the points that can be seen their signals waveform by an oscilloscope? 2-And why we can not see their signal at some points by an oscilloscope...
  4. E

    Regenerative receiver simulation

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to simulate a classic regenerative receiver under LTSpice. I'm not sure if I'm doing things correctly. I'd appreciate if anyone could correct me if I'm wrong, or suggets better ways of doing it. I modeled the antenna as a voltage source. Of course it is NOT real. I...

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