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  1. J

    SMD Electrolytic Capacitor: Decoding Capacitance & Voltage Rating

    I have an old accelerator board used in the PDS slot of an Apple Macintosh SE/30. The board was manufactured around 1994. I want to replace the electrolytic capacitors but I'm not sure how to decode the numbers printed on the caps. Here's a photo: As you can see the numbers are: 22 6 A...
  2. Clarkdale44

    Is this built in fuse on pcb or what?

    Hello Is this fuse of some sort? or just an empty space for installing pcb based fuse socket? This is the circuit board of my new cheap dmm, my last one broke when i mistakenly inserted the leads in mains while the red lead was in 10A socket. I just thought if there was a fuse inside the...

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