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raspberry pi

  1. M

    Detect 'FRIENDLY' and 'ALIEN' moving object

    Greetings Everyone. I am looking to develop a small educational project as an end of term project for my Graduate programme. The concept is to identify a moving object and then categorise it as either 'FRIENDLY' or 'ALIEN'. The term 'FRIENDLY' means they will be known to the system and the...
  2. C

    Main controller for 16 * 16 array of servos.

    Hello, For a digital art project I would like to control a 16*16 array of small servos with a raspberry pi. However I can't connect all 16 channel servo controllers directly to the pi, so my idea was to connect the pi to a main controller which controls the servo controllers, which finally...
  3. J

    Increasing data update rate of MPU9250

    Hi, I am using MPU9250 with Raspberry Pi and coding with Python. I am trying to make a virtual compass. The compass is working fine. But when I move the compass swiftly, it takes some time (around 2 seconds) to stabilize to the new direction. MPU9250 records a few (around 5) data points during...
  4. SciFiOne

    Signal Sensor Processing CPU

    I need help designing a circuit to control a servo motor, the model i have is an SG 90 (9g) It needs to be controlled by a sensor that receives and input from a moving object, (the object moves down), and the sensor reads the signal 1 -> 2 the servo moves up 120deg, (the object moves up) and...
  5. J

    Interfacing Raspberry Pi with Keithley 3390

    I wanted to interface Rpi with the function generator Keithley 3390. My goal is to capture the signal which Keithley 3390 generates and plot it using Rpi, i.e, to function it as an oscilloscope. I went through the reference manual of Keithley 3390 but could not come up with a solution. Please...
  6. M

    Video Security IOT Project

    Hello, I need to come up with a solution to a problem. I'm trying to do a project for fun where it's needed to surround a 12 meters perimeter with 3 cameras. Basically I want to build a security system that records everything in this perimeter. The cameras will have motion sensors attached...
  7. Zahid979

    Raspberry pi

    I am sorry for my english, but i am sure that in our country nobody has no answer to my question. I have Raspberry pi and i need to install "sim800 gsm gprs module uart 2.0" . But i dont know anything about it. I found the videos about Raspbian installation and it helped me, but there is nothing...
  8. xhcetortcelex

    Help Developing Automotive Black Box, DVR, OBD II

    Friends, I am a noob that is considering building a Dash Cam DVR Black Box for my car, I suspect that I am not the first so please if you know of discussions on developing an awesome Black Box please direct me to it. The Black Boxes being offered are Gold Dusted empty, expensive crapware. I...
  9. I

    RF Transmission with Aduino and Raspberry Pi

    I am trying to send a string via 433 MHz transmitter (DigiKey 1597-1223-ND) attached to a Pro-Micro 5V (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12640) to a receiver attached to Raspberry Pi 3. I am using the RadioHead Library to send the transmission from the Pro-Micro to the transmitter found...
  10. ronsimpson

    Raspberry Pi 3 & Web Server

    I am trying to replace my home control computer with a Raspberry Pi. The 16 to 18 year old computer has internet connections so I need the Pi to also have a web server functions. http://readwrite.com/2014/06/27/raspberry-pi-web-server-website-hosting/ Went to the above link: Installed Apache...
  11. S

    Interfacing to displays with MCU/SBC

    Recently I have been looking at driving cheap and simple 320 pix by 240 pix graphics displays with Arduino Meggas and Raspberry Pi Zeros and I noticed Nigel's comment: @ http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/remote-green-house-monitor-pic-and-hc-12.149016/ Is it problematic: views...
  12. S

    Raspberry Pi: magazine and data, free download

    For those who are interested in the Raspberry Pi here is a link to the MagPi magazine and tutorials which can be downloaded gratis: https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/issues/ spec
  13. S

    Raspberry Pi Zero communication with Win PC

    The Raspberry Pi Zero, introduced mid 2015, is now more freely available ($5US and £4UK). https://www.adafruit.com/products/2885 https://thepihut.com/collections/raspberry-pi/products/raspberry-pi-zero?variant=14062715972 It looks like a useful tiny single board computer (SBC) and, with its low...
  14. S

    Raspberry Pi Sub-Forum

    Suggest that a sub-forum be generated for the Raspberry Pi under the 'Microcontrollers' main forum. I know that the Pi is more of a single board computer (SBC) and not strictly a microcontroller, but there are quite a few posts already about the Pi in the 'Microcontrollers' forum and, with the...

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