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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Discrete BCD Counter Reset

    Hello, i'm new in electronic and i plan to make discrete bcd counter with T flip flop. Before i make it in real, i tried to make it in pspice. But when i pspice it, i found that second flip flop (which count as 2) does not reset when it is 10s (When it counts 1010) and because of it, reset...
  2. J

    UC3846: Simulation in LTSPICE is not operating as expected

    Good afternoon, As the thread title suggests, I am having trouble simulating the UC3846 model in LTSPICE. I have gone through the process of creating the chip and adding it to the simulation space, but when configured in a similar way to the "Typical Application Diagram" from the data sheet it...
  3. Buzz_96

    PSpice frequency limit

    I am told that PSpice can only analyse circuits for 10MHz and below. Why is that anyways? Thanks in advance for answering.

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