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  1. T

    Bluetooth Project Help

    I’m very new to electronics and circuits. However there is a project I’d like to do and I have no idea where to start. I was wondering if anyone would want to help out a guy looking to gain some knowledge! Im looking to building a Bluetooth device that connects to a receiver that can be...
  2. Y

    Ideas for a school project with an microcontroller?

    For my next and last school year at a technological high school, an independent project with a microcontroller is the order of the day. Every student has to create an electronic project with a microcontroller. But can also have mechanical, chemical elements or the like. A few examples in recent...
  3. B

    Alarm outage with reset switch.

    Hi everyone, can you help me I want to make a alarm circuit when the power failure or outage. Relay detect a 220vac in normal close, so when 220vac it’s fail , relay can detect and buzzer is alarm until press a reset switch.
  4. S

    Digital Pregnancy/Drug/Diagnostic test

    Hi All I work for a medical diagnostic company which develops drug/malaria/HIV/etc diagnostic tests. I have been tasked with the role of learning and developing a digital display to mitigate human error when reading the results. I was guided to look at the ClearBlue pregnancy test (with LCD...
  5. S

    How efficient is the RTC in STM32F051 and 030 series?

    I'm trying to make an IoT based project that works on Real-Time data accumulation, for that, I need to know whether the STMF0 series controller are efficient or not.
  6. R

    Arduino gps speedometer

    Hello, I would like to build a battery powered arduino gps speedometer. In this arduino based project I would like to include a few features. -I would like it to turn on some lights when It detects that the speed is going down (if the speedometer is going at 10km per hour and slowing down I...
  7. C

    Customize songs on a Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish

    Hey all, I am wondering if someone could assist me in a project I'm trying to do. I feel out of place because electronics are not my forte, I haven't really worked on them so this would be my first project. In other words I need help and in the words of Michael Scott from the office you'll...
  8. S

    Control Project

    Hello, I have to make a control system that mantains constant speed of a small car prototype using a DC gearmotor regardless of external disturbances such as slopes (small slopes). For the development of this project I thought that a posible solution could be a control system consisting of a...
  9. C

    Hello, how can i sell my project ?

    Hello, i need company which can buy my project.
  10. J

    Help looking for Perfect LCD??

    Hello, I have been searching the Internet for days now, hours wasted scrolling through alibaba and aliexpress with very little luck. I am looking for a 1 to 2.6 inch color lcd (doesn't matter if oled or tft or whatever) with a resolution of around 480x800 or similar with an aspect ratio of...
  11. V

    Please help me with my project. Our defense is in two weeks from now. :(

    Our professor made us do an electronic digital roulette like the ones you play in the casino. He said we need to create something that is exactly like it, like having an output random number from 0 to 36. In addition to that 0 to 36 output, the numbers on a roulette wheel is either black or red...
  12. E

    MAKERbuino - a DIY game console

    Dear fellow retro computer lovers, I want to show you my latest project that just went live on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/albertgajsak/makerbuino-a-diy-game-console?ref=category_location MAKERbuino is a retro gaming device you can build yourself. It's purpose is to...
  13. S

    High School project - electrical power generator

    Dear readers, i'm a high school Science teacher in Belgium and i've entered my students in a Science and Technology fair. They have a good idea but my knowledge about electronics has its limits... I've got 2 general questions first: 1) i've started with Arduino projects but do you guys know...
  14. R

    Help! Step down dc without regulating amps?

    First off I'm totally new to the electrical scene and only know what I've learned online and hands on. Which can be a bad thing if your listening to the wrong person. So here it is : My Problem : I am using an 18 volt dc lithium drill battery to power led lights and a car horn on a project. The...
  15. Vaidotas Butkus

    NI Multisim traffic light project

    Hello guys, I'm studying physics, but I have a project in my extra subject and I'm really in a hurry. My electronics knowledge is really basic and I'm stuck. So any help/ideas/discussion is very very appreciated. I have to make a project with at least 2 traffic lights (I don't really know...
  16. jakub_friso

    Project for interested novice that will give him most taste of electronics?

    I know that there is plenty of stuff on the internet titled: Electronics Projects for Beginners. But I´m looking for a different advice, and for that, I think I need to ask directly professional and more skilled folks that I hopefully will find in here. I'm very interested in electronics but I...
  17. P

    Is there any calculator to calculate checksum

    I have a hex file :020000040000FA :0A0000004028000000000000D42892 :1000800064008B13A020C73095003C308C000330F7 :1000900096004A3099009101A3209701A6208C0177 :1000A0009E208B01AC20AC209120A9209116111626 :1000B0009301A02017149E20B401B601B501A92018 :1000C00093019E208B170B168B15640063000000B4...
  18. mee95

    6 member voting projects

    Hi everyone! Im wondering if someone can help me with something. Namely, i should make a project depicting a simulation of 6 members voting for a choice (one of them is the president and his vote counts as two if voting turns out even). Im going to upload a pdf file of what i did already so i...

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