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  1. D

    Replacing damaged chips/microcontrollers; Which components in consumer electronics need to be programmed?

    I'm just starting to get into electronics as a hobby and I was wondering if someone here could help me understand the process of replacing damaged microcontrollers. With the right tools and practice, I could probably replace most components, even SMDs. However, from what I understand, I cannot...
  2. D

    how to detect error and restart microcontroller for embedded system with Esp 12 or Esp 32

    one thing that make me confused is how the microcontroller notice the errors and restart by itself let me give an example we have cooler system with Esp 32 and temperature sensor,when temperature be Above 25 centigrade degrees cooler will work until temperature reduce to 25 degree . all the...
  3. K

    PIC16F887 Stepper Motor Control

    Hello everyone, new to this site and coding (moved from stack overflow due to too many sarcastic people). I am writing a code to control a stepper motor to act as a barrier for a car park; the motor has to rotate 90* to open and close the gate - via a button (manual operation) and sensors...
  4. J

    Linear Actuator PWM control for TV open and close

    Hello, I have already completed a project that uses relays and a 120v circuit to open/close a set of TV monitors for my church. It's a very simple reversing circuit via the relays means a switch is turned "ON" to open the monitors and "OFF" closes them. (the 120v system was necessary because of...
  5. P

    PWM frequency problem PIC MicroC

    Hello I want to generate a PWM for my application. I am using PIC16F1939, MicroC and PICkit 2 to burn the program. Here's my code- void interrupt() { if (TMR2IF_bit == 1) { CCPR1L = 100; TMR2IF_bit = 0; } } void main() { C1ON_bit = 0; C2ON_bit = 0; //...
  6. J

    Help with Project

    I am at a loss after reading online trying to teach myself so I figured ask the experts. I am working on a project in which I have a small water bowl that will empty by turning either 180 or 360 degrees and then returning back to the start point once per day. What I've read seems to say that I...
  7. Llamarama

    Programming a GAL with code for a lower spec device

    Hello everyone, I have a circuit and .jed file that requires a GAL16V8, however I don't have any of those handy, but I do have several GAL20V10's in stock. What sort of editing will I have to do to the .jed file (if any) to get this to work? Sorry if this is a stupid question, this is my first...

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