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processor clocking

  1. sr13579

    How processing speed is changed automatically?

    Assume, we are playing a game and it needs 300 MHz processing speed. As we can see when we start a software or a game the processing speed increases.I have several questions to ask, 1. How a processor knows when to increase the clock speed? 2. And what does 2 GHz processor means? 3. Is it...
  2. Rich D.

    PIC24FJ128GA406 does not want to change clocks!

    It seems I have a stubborn PIC. Try as I might, it seems to always want to run at an instruction cycle of 4 MHz, although I was hoping for 16 MHz. Details: I am using the internal FRC oscillator, fixed at about 8 MHz (7.37 actually). I would like it to clock the processor at 30 MHz for...

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