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  1. E

    Home-made accumulator charging problem

    Hi guys, I just found old flashlight and due to inability to use any of the new batteries I decided to create new one from 4xAA batteries (NiMH aku AA;1,2V/2000mAh Panasonic "Eneloop"). I created simple circuit and used old flashlight switch in it. It works just fine. Then I added DC charging...
  2. electrolives

    LTSpice AC Signal 30sin(2pi50t)

    How can i put the Vi's values on LTSpice? 30sin(2pi50t)
  3. Rayhan

    How to fix ventmed ds7 bipap power problem ??

    After powering theke display lightsup but power button has no light and power. Please any body help me to fix it.
  4. M

    How to implement a physical control system? Full description below.

    Good evening people from Electro-Tech-Online.com: This is my first post here, I'm Marco and I'm a mechatronics engineering student. Today I would like to detail my issue on how to implement a control system in real life: To begin with, I would like to mention an example that many beginners in...
  5. dennyrizram

    My Stopwatch circuit won't goes up after 9 minute

    I have a project to create a stopwatch using some cmos ic. i use cd4060 and cd4027 as my 1 hertz clock and using 4 cd4026 as my counter and decoder to my 7 segment display. My circuit supposed to have 99 minute count maximum. But in my case now after it reaching 9 minute 59 second, they all back...
  6. R

    Help! Step down dc without regulating amps?

    First off I'm totally new to the electrical scene and only know what I've learned online and hands on. Which can be a bad thing if your listening to the wrong person. So here it is : My Problem : I am using an 18 volt dc lithium drill battery to power led lights and a car horn on a project. The...
  7. S

    Interfacing to displays with MCU/SBC

    Recently I have been looking at driving cheap and simple 320 pix by 240 pix graphics displays with Arduino Meggas and Raspberry Pi Zeros and I noticed Nigel's comment: @ http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/remote-green-house-monitor-pic-and-hc-12.149016/ Is it problematic: views...

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