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power line communication

  1. sr13579

    SMPS is bouncing while connected with Peltier Cooler

    I have a peltier cooler TEC1-12706. I used an SMPS which can give 12 Volt and 20 Ampere. While I am connecting the peltier and cooling fan(Parallel) the cooling fan is bouncing along with the smps(It seems like smps is restarting). I assume people will say the smps is damaged. But it is working...
  2. E

    Power Line Communication

    I need to communicate about 1500 feet between two devices, and I would like to do it with power line communication. I found two chips, TDA5051 and CY8CPLC20. I don't need a lot of bandwidth. What is the standard or one of the standard chips used for power line communication?

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