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  1. E

    Adjustable 0-5v ground switch

    Hi everyone I am new on here and only getting my toes wet with electronics. But I want to build something to switch a ground for a solid state relay. I have a 0-5 coming from a laser and when it reaches a gives height it will trigger the ground on the ssr I would like to have a rotary...
  2. S

    Remotely powering a mechanical foot.

    Hi, I'm new here and my level of experience and knowledge in electronics is limited (That's why I'm here - to get help). I'm better at mechanical things. I'm planning a project whereby I can remotely apply the brakes in a car I'm towing on an a-frame towing bar. I plan on having a sensor (a...
  3. F

    Upgrading antique automotive heater components

    Hello, I hope this isn't too far outside this forum's usual fare. My pride and joy is a 1959 Morris Minor. As you can imagine, it has a pretty simple electrical system composed of mechanical relays and such, and usually I have no trouble working on it. However, I'm homebrewing some upgrades to...
  4. Matienzo

    Change value with linear pot

    Hi all The project I'm working on requires me to use two linear 20k potentiometers to change two values, time and temperature. What I'm doing is running a heating element for a certain period of time. The user selects the time(Range 5-9 min) and temperature (100-150C) and pushes a button, then...
  5. A

    Transistor with resistance controlled by the amount of input power

    Hi, I am modding my computer motherboard and I have a RGB led strip header. But the fact is it can only supply 1 Amp of current through the 4 pin header. I want to be able to use a variable resistor to control a 12v line straight form my power supply that can provide power for a bigger LED that...
  6. S

    Using a rheostat in place of a Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor?

    I have a flat iron hair straightener that I have pulled apart in the hope I may be able to control the temperature to a lower heat value. Currently, the lowest it reaches is around 330F. I would like to drop it to around 200-250F. I am wondering if anyone can help by telling me if I can replace...

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