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  1. Ginger FerrroChrome

    Newbie trying to replace a transistor (Pioneer 1203 31, Q409)

    Hello! 'Name's Forrest! Or Ginger, whatever you prefer. So, I'm pretty new at electronics repair, I've replaced a couple of laptop modules and put new belts on all of my cassette players, but I'm just now, for the first time, trying to soldier a component on a PCB (ironically I broke it trying...
  2. Simon822

    Did someone build a USB Reader - to be attached to an older "desk" entertainment center, yet?!

    I Did purchase a DVD/CD player - and USB reader - to watch movies on my TV, (no doubt most of us have one)... I'll explain further... - Older "desk" entertainment centers like Pioneer, Onkyo, etc., where back then, the cost was almost $2,000 (or more) US Dollars. Some of these systems have a CD...

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