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  1. Analastuomar

    Importing PIC18F Project into PIC32

    Hi, I purchased a new PIC32 USB Starter Kit II development board. It doesn't come with a CD. My project in PIC18F is mixed of C and assembly. I'd like to import the old project into to PIC32. Q1) Is there any conflict between the PIC18F tools and PIC32? Q2) What's the nearest tool should I...

    1-Wire sensors randomly failing

    Hi, i'm having a wired problem. I have a custom made telemetry equipment: it consists basically on a pic32 microcontroller (Pinguino board), a SIM900 modem, in I2C 16x2 LCD and a DS2482 1-wire to I2C bridge. The DS2482 chip is connected to a (multiple) DS18B20 temperature sensor 1-wire network...

    I2C to Onewire problem

    Hi, i'm working with pic32 and I2C, specifically DS2482 I2C to OneWire chip. I'm reading some DS18B20 Onewire temperature sensors, everything works fine, except under certain contitions (randomly), sometimes it seems onewire bus stops responding. Now I'm checking the code to see if everything is...

    Unable to read some PIC32 ADC channels

    Hi, i'm using a PIC32 development board "Pinguino-OTG": The microcontroller used in the board is a pic32mx440f256h. I've tried several types of configuration codes and read functions. No matter what, i can't read the AN11 port (of the pic) which is connected to the AN6 pinheader on the board...

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