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  1. Rich D.

    PIC24FJ Seems to refuse to accept config bits

    It appears config bits are not being set or followed on my PIC. Is there some thing disabling this feature? I have been struggling with programming this PIC, even though I have much experience with dsPIC30s. First, I haven't been able to get it to switch clock speeds from the FRC /4 which is...
  2. Rich D.

    This simple PIC24 assembly code doesn't execute. I don't know why.

    After much grief getting assembly code to compile and download on MPLAB-X, I have everything I ever dreamed of, but this dream turned into something less than I expected. For reasons unknown to me, this simple LED flash code doesn't seem to execute. It does simulate OK in MPLAB V8.xx The two...
  3. Aashi

    PIC24FJ64GB002 Project

    Hi, I'm using pic24fj64gb002 for my project. In this project i want to read the output(values) from the Ignition and AC of a car. That is i want to know whether the ignition and ac of the car is ON or OFF. How can i do this and what are the required components? The output of this should be...

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