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  1. R

    PIC24FJ1024GB610 PWM

    Hi guys! I recently bought a "Clicker 2 mikro bus" from Mikroelektronika. This comes with a 16-bit PIC24FJ1024GB610 microcontroller: https://download.mikroe.com/documents/starter-boards/clicker-2/pic24/clicker-2-for-pic24-manual-v100.pdf I'm able to communicate and load .HEX files in it. I...
  2. A

    How do I interface a pic24 with a rs232 barcode reader?

    I have a pic24FJ1024GB10 explorer board, and a brand new LS2208 barcode scanner. The barcode scanner outputs 5V. Im trying to read the serial rs233 signal using only the ground, tx, rx, pins from the barcode reader with no success. I have analyzed the signal coming from the barcode reader using...
  3. N

    What is Acceptance filter and mask in CAN protocol?

    Hi guys, I've been studying CAN protocol for a while and I can't understand Filter and Mask in CAN description . I'm referring PIC24H series for studying ECAN. my Question is 1. why do we need Mask register? 2. won't the filter register be enough to accept incoming CAN messages? 3.How does...

    Can't get I2C slave to work well woth pic24 and MplabX

    Hi, i'm trying to implement an I2C slave on a pic24 and i'm able toget some communication but cant get usable data out of it. I've tried 2 ways: 1.-Generating I2C slave code with MCC: I used the generated MCC which emulates an I2C EEPROM. I'm able to write the simulated EEPROM Memory and read...
  5. Rich D.

    PIC24FJ128GA406 does not want to change clocks!

    It seems I have a stubborn PIC. Try as I might, it seems to always want to run at an instruction cycle of 4 MHz, although I was hoping for 16 MHz. Details: I am using the internal FRC oscillator, fixed at about 8 MHz (7.37 actually). I would like it to clock the processor at 30 MHz for...
  6. Rich D.

    This simple PIC24 assembly code doesn't execute. I don't know why.

    After much grief getting assembly code to compile and download on MPLAB-X, I have everything I ever dreamed of, but this dream turned into something less than I expected. For reasons unknown to me, this simple LED flash code doesn't seem to execute. It does simulate OK in MPLAB V8.xx The two...
  7. Rich D.

    Assembly on the MPLAB-X IDE, how???

    Please excuse me if this was mentioned and addressed already, I looked and looked and didn't find anything... I want to program a PIC24FJGA204 chip using MPLAB-X IDE (v4.00). I have a sample code that downloads and runs correctly on the unit (a PIC24F Curiosity Development board). Of course...
  8. Aashi

    PIC24FJ64GB002 Project

    Hi, I'm using pic24fj64gb002 for my project. In this project i want to read the output(values) from the Ignition and AC of a car. That is i want to know whether the ignition and ac of the car is ON or OFF. How can i do this and what are the required components? The output of this should be...

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