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pic24 diy breakout

  1. Aashi

    PIC24FJ64GB002 Project

    Hi, I'm using pic24fj64gb002 for my project. In this project i want to read the output(values) from the Ignition and AC of a car. That is i want to know whether the ignition and ac of the car is ON or OFF. How can i do this and what are the required components? The output of this should be...
  2. granddad

    DIY PIC24FJ1024GB610 breakout board,

    There are massive resources available on this 100 pin chip. I had not intended it for any specific project, but I saw it as an ideal platform, just right for developing routines / drivers for the many peripherals and I/O ( 85 pins on 7 ports ). including its 1Mb flash and 32k ram. The BOB board...

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