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  1. V

    Can't get MFRC522 (RFID) to work with PIC18F452 and SPI bus

    I don't know where to ask but I was wondering if someone here has worked with it and could give some idea. Hope so. A module ( MFRC522 ): Schematic: An MCU ( PIC18F452 ) is powered with 5V, module is powered from 5V(DC) -> 3.3V(DC) converter and all logic pins ( SS(SDA), SCK, MOSI, MISO...
  2. p1ng54


    Hi I am using pic18f452 and I am trying to get it to communicate with laptop through RS-232. I used hex file from mikroC built in library code and tried burning it using genius g540 it didnt work I got HIGH(Logic 1) output on several pins I didnt code to and LOW(Logic 0) on which I coded to get...

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