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  1. N

    Problem with Interfacing MCP2515 CAN Controller and PIC18F4520

    Hi, guys I'm working with MCP2515 CAN Module and PIC18F series.I write a single byte data and read it back using SPI Protocol. But I am unable to receive any data back. here i have posted the code please check it and help me. i connected two MCP2525 modules , so I think there is no problem with...
  2. V

    Can't get MFRC522 (RFID) to work with PIC18F452 and SPI bus

    I don't know where to ask but I was wondering if someone here has worked with it and could give some idea. Hope so. A module ( MFRC522 ): Schematic: An MCU ( PIC18F452 ) is powered with 5V, module is powered from 5V(DC) -> 3.3V(DC) converter and all logic pins ( SS(SDA), SCK, MOSI, MISO...
  3. chrischris

    GLCD migration from PIC16F to PIC18F

    Hi, I have managed to get the GLCD working with PIC 16F877A and now trying to migrate the code on 18F45k80, but the LCD just lights up, I can adjust the contrast but nothing else happens. All I have changed is data port to PORTB from PORTD on 16F and Control Port from PORTB on 16F to PORTD on...

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