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  1. N

    Doubt Regarding Interrupts In PIC Microcontroller

    Hi Guys, I have a doubt regarding PIC Interrupts, I am using PIC16F887 I am Using Timer in Interrupt which Blink an LED for Approx 180 ms, and Sends Data through SPI when Certain condition occur, Lets say when i am sending data in SPI and Interrupt occurs what will happen to data that is being...
  2. throbscottle

    CORDIC help!

    Hello lovely people I'm just getting my head around CORDIC multiplication and division. It sort of makes sense in a fuzzy kind of way. What I actually want to do is 2 extra levels of complication: 1) 32 bit maths on an 8 bit pic, so I need 4 bytes for everything 2) the actual calculation is word...
  3. P

    PWM frequency problem PIC MicroC

    Hello I want to generate a PWM for my application. I am using PIC16F1939, MicroC and PICkit 2 to burn the program. Here's my code- void interrupt() { if (TMR2IF_bit == 1) { CCPR1L = 100; TMR2IF_bit = 0; } } void main() { C1ON_bit = 0; C2ON_bit = 0; //...

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