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  1. S

    Matrix Keypad & 16*2 LCD interfacing with PIC

    Hi, guys. I am working on my final year project. I've been trying to interface the Matrix Keypad & 16*2 LCD along the with PIC. However, I wasn't able to get it to work. The LCD is able to display the 'Enter Duration' text but does not display the content of the 'Duration' array. The...
  2. S

    RFID 125kHz Reader HTRC110 and PIC32

    Hi everyone, Im trying to get an htrc110 to read an ID to my pic 32. Ive already got all the pcb development done and now all I have to do is write the code. Ive read the datasheet at least 4 times now and it doesn't supply any sort of examples to help out and the software library doesn't...
  3. J

    10 stepper motors

    Hello Is that I had a doubt as a student, I want to do the programming of 10 stepper motors 12v to 2.5 A, but it turns out that I do not know which module to use since I will use a pic to program the sequence, due that requires a lot of voltage is necessary to mount an external source or there...
  4. D

    programming stepper motor

    Hello Engineers, I am currently trying to control rotation of a stepper motor by coding with C/C++. What exactly do I need to have apart from an IDE, microcontroller and stepper motor, or is that it? Is there a specific PIC? Thank you.
  5. N

    What is Acceptance filter and mask in CAN protocol?

    Hi guys, I've been studying CAN protocol for a while and I can't understand Filter and Mask in CAN description . I'm referring PIC24H series for studying ECAN. my Question is 1. why do we need Mask register? 2. won't the filter register be enough to accept incoming CAN messages? 3.How does...
  6. M

    How do I get the position of something using PIC microcontroller?

    Hello everyone My name is Mauricio, I'm new in this forum. I am student of the first semester , so I do not know that much about electronics, I got really interested in this kind of topics and I am trying to make some little projects for the microcontrollers PIC using assembler coding. I have...
  7. Lord_Nikon

    Voltage Levels

    So, I decided to start an 8x8 LED matrix project using a MAX7219 and PIC18F4550. My issue I've run into is that my the LED matrix I found is a max 2.7 forward voltage drop. The MAX7219 outputs around V+ -1.The minimum amount for V+ is 4V so this will put me near the 2.7V maximum of the matrix...
  8. Rich D.

    PIC24FJ Seems to refuse to accept config bits

    It appears config bits are not being set or followed on my PIC. Is there some thing disabling this feature? I have been struggling with programming this PIC, even though I have much experience with dsPIC30s. First, I haven't been able to get it to switch clock speeds from the FRC /4 which is...
  9. A

    fire alaram sound using PIC16F886

    I am coding on pIC16F886 IC. I am trying to generate Fire alarm siren with PWMsignal . I have few questions as below. I copied code from Example code My spaker circuit look like this video , I am sending PWM pulses instead of audio Input mosfet circuit I could able to produce based on PWM...
  10. throbscottle

    CORDIC help!

    Hello lovely people I'm just getting my head around CORDIC multiplication and division. It sort of makes sense in a fuzzy kind of way. What I actually want to do is 2 extra levels of complication: 1) 32 bit maths on an 8 bit pic, so I need 4 bytes for everything 2) the actual calculation is word...
  11. S

    Using 74HC595 Shift Registers without delay loop

    Hello All, I am using two 74HC595 Shift Resisters for a 4digit SSD. The problem is that the display needs to be delayed while scanning through the digits. I do not want to use delay since while the display is on, nothing can work as the processor is busy in delay loop. So I thought I will use...
  12. S

    Delay using interrupt in mikroc PIC

    Hello Guys, I am trying to implement a delay using timer0 interrupt. I'll just post an abstraction of the code in mikroc void inittimer() { //Timer initialization for a 32ms interrupt } void interrupt() { //interrupt code; delayvariable++; } void main() { TRISB = 0...
  13. jakeselectronics

    PIC ASM LCD. Check out my code.

    Hey everyone. It's know it's been done 1000's of times before, BUT, I'm interested to know if the way I'm doing it is a good way. So basically I'm driving a 4x16 LCD (44780 controlled) in 4-bit mode. I set aside 64 bytes of ram (in bank 1) to use as LCD Character place holders. Throughout the...
  14. P

    PWM frequency problem PIC MicroC

    Hello I want to generate a PWM for my application. I am using PIC16F1939, MicroC and PICkit 2 to burn the program. Here's my code- void interrupt() { if (TMR2IF_bit == 1) { CCPR1L = 100; TMR2IF_bit = 0; } } void main() { C1ON_bit = 0; C2ON_bit = 0; //...
  15. G

    How to read a data frame PC serial over PIC UART

    Hi folks, I am trying to send a data frame over uart of pic12F1572. I want to send an frame from PC terminal [I use Hterm] in the format "RGBFF00F0\n" and receive it at PIC. I have done code but somehow I found it's not working anyone have the idea? a code ,hint or solution is highly appreciated...
  16. T

    Yenka CAD software Arithmetic Calulations in Flowcharts

    Hi, I was wondering whether somebody could help I am a student and am using the Yenka CAD software to program a PICAXE chip, I was wondering whether anybody knew how to perform arithmetic in a flowchart on a variable x such as division e.g. x / 58. Is this possible with this chip /software, or...
  17. throbscottle

    minute/second timer

    I'd like to make a little programmable timer to countdown minutes and seconds. Doesn't even have to be particularly accurate. I have a 16C57 (bought long ago) I can use and a 16F57 to test on, which I know are ancient but still plenty adequate for this. It needs to (indirectly) drive a...
  18. 32bit

    I'm new to PIC, pls help!

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum so if I post in the wrong place or I make any mistakes, pls tell me! As the title suggests, I'm new to PIC microcontrollers So I just bought a PIC 12F629 but the I realised that I don't have any programmer for PICs :banghead: so do any of you guys know any...
  19. Andrei_D12

    In-circuit PIC Problem

    Hi! I started this topic because I want to discuss a problem related to PIC controllers (12f629 and 16f628A). I will try to give you all the details of this. The problem is: after succesfully compiling the code and burning it in the PIC's memory, when I put the controller in the circuit...

    I2C to Onewire problem

    Hi, i'm working with pic32 and I2C, specifically DS2482 I2C to OneWire chip. I'm reading some DS18B20 Onewire temperature sensors, everything works fine, except under certain contitions (randomly), sometimes it seems onewire bus stops responding. Now I'm checking the code to see if everything is...

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