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  1. M

    Can improperly removing a Sim card lead to trying the motherboard and/or battery?

    So I had a B)u Life XL phone a couple of years ago. For whatever stupid reason, against .y better judgement I tried to remove thr sim card without taking the battery out. Sort of. It's a dual SIM phone and the main sim slot butts up against the battery, and it has to come out to insert and...
  2. H

    Use aviation headsets with phone

    So, as the title suggests, I like to use my aviation headset with my Android (or other type) phone. Not only to listening, but also talk on the phone. But I'm having some issues I like to sort out before I go serious with this. First, what I have and have done so far: The aviation headset...
  3. Sam9501

    IPhone Fixing

    Hello, I have got my hands on one of my old IPhone 4 devices, an A1349 model. It had been so long since I used it, that when I found it, I was interested in getting it back up and working. However, I forgot the password and after looking online I found that you could factory reset the phone...

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