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  1. U

    Circuit-design Peltier Element

    Hi. I need a little help from experienced people. I want to control a Peltier element with a microcontroller, with PWM. May? The peltier element has the following parameters: Imax=8.5 A, Vmax=15.4V.Ok... I have a 12 volt source,17A for example. How can i design the circuit so that i can...
  2. daniela18

    I want to connect a Peltier Element to a 3.3V power supply

    Hi, I need help to anyone who can help me :) I want to connect a Peltier Element to a 3.3V power supply . I use TEC-40-33-127. I attached below some specifications of the device. I need your help because I don't know how to make the circuit schematic I don't know what values to choose from...
  3. sr13579

    SMPS is bouncing while connected with Peltier Cooler

    I have a peltier cooler TEC1-12706. I used an SMPS which can give 12 Volt and 20 Ampere. While I am connecting the peltier and cooling fan(Parallel) the cooling fan is bouncing along with the smps(It seems like smps is restarting). I assume people will say the smps is damaged. But it is working...
  4. P

    Sample heating/cooling system

    Hello everyone! I'm currently an intern at the Vilnius University Laser Research Center and I must develop a small dimension (aprox~40mmx60mmx5mm) sample heating/cooling system with a temperature range of -2ºC up to 150ºC for my setup. I was thinking of a single peltier element to achieve this...
  5. A

    Question About Current Draw From Peltier Element

    I have a TEC1 - 12706. Specifications detail Imax at 6 amps. I would like to run five of these elements in parallel but my bench top supply can't supply the current needed ( I'd like about 5 amps each). I do however have a 600W power supply unit designed for PCs. The PSU has a single 12V rail...
  6. Matienzo

    How to turn a TEG output into something I could use?

    Hello there, I'm a beginner with electronics so I apologize in advance for my basic questions. I'm working on a project that uses a Peltier device (TEG) as the power source. The conditions under which it is used allow me to harvest about 1V and 130mA. The motor I want to power on a cycle -...

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