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pcb layout

  1. jamesbulini

    PCB design The problem of wiring line width on the pad, can it be different?

    As you can see, the thickness of the power line, blue line and red line on the circular pad is different. Is this feasible? The line to the left of the right square pad and the line above it are also different in thickness. Is this OK? I heard that this situation will reflect under high...
  2. Shadow_warrior

    Minimum clearance

    Hello! I am using FCPF220N80 MOSfet for 400 Volts operation. it is rated for 800Volts. I have one doubts though, The clearance(distance) between the drain and source pins of the mosfet is only 2.5 mm. Will it be able to sustain without any damage...
  3. R

    Invert pcb layout

    What pcb software can invert pcb layout for negative film?

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