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  1. P

    Switching from 6 to 3 apa106 leds - issues

    Hi Everyone! I have reached a point of semi-desperation with a project on which I am working for over a year now. There is one issue I doesn't seem to be able to fix. I have a nixie clock pcb which drives 6 apa106 rgb leds. I am trying to wire it up to be able to turn off three of these leds...
  2. J

    Paralleling Buck Modules?

    Hi This TI note says we can parallel the LM2587. http://www.ti.com/lit/an/snva552/snva552.pdf Is it safe and functional to parallel these off-the-shelf buck modules? LM2596: https://www.ebay.com/itm/312344302763 https://www.monolithicpower.com/pub/media/document/MP1584_r1.0.pdf MP1584...
  3. M

    AT89Cx051 Programmer not working correctly - Increase waiting time?

    I have attempted to make an easy AT89C2051 programmer using the schematic I made below: I have manually tested all possible configurations with software, and the circuit functions correctly to the software but I tried one atmel chip with it and it does not program correctly. It seems to be...
  4. Clarkdale44

    Look at the schematic...

    What's the use of 5th diode in this schematic..(which is in parallel with cap)? This is a circuit to drive led from mains AC. Sorry if this question is too simple or obvious.. I just want to know what that diode's doing there.

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