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  1. R

    MIDI input circuit to trigger 'analog synth voices'

    Sincere apologies for any ignorance I'm about to display, I'm more an artist than an engineer. If I am building a synthesizer which has multiple relaxation transistor oscillators all going into one output, running off of 9v, how I would I look into combining a MIDI input so you could control...
  2. E

    What Colpitts oscillator is this?

    Hi everyone. I've come accross an oscillator circuit (first attached image, left), which is very similar to a common collector crystal Colpitts oscillator (right). But it is not a common collector, as the load (hf transformmer) is placed in the collector node and output is taken from there. Not...
  3. sr13579

    How to find out if UJT 2N2646 is original or not?

    I bought two UJT (2N2646) before yesterday. I tried to make an oscillator but it was not working. There was a guy from FB who said it could be a duplicate (not original) one. It must be tested. How should I test if it works or not. I googled some and found about diode and resister testing. But...
  4. sr13579

    How to make a pure two sided sine wave generator with astable multivibrator?

    Hello again, I wanted to make an oscillator that provodes a sine wave. I don't have an oscilloscope with me but I simulated this and found that the sine wave is always at positive side. I want to make sonething that can give me half positive side and half negative side sine wave using one sided...
  5. sr13579

    How to make a simple oscillator with transistor and Capacitor?

    I provided a circuit which should discharge at a specific time. But this circuit is not working as an oscillator. How should I make circuit which will give me oscillation?
  6. T

    Help with Testing SMD Oscillators

    I am an electronics student and also work for a small electronics company. I have been given the task of testing 100 SMD CMOS output 10MHz oscillators to see if their resonant frequency holds true at varying temperatures. These are straight from the manufacturer and not on a board. I watched a...
  7. ElectronicTy

    Oscillator types

    if the required frequency of the local oscillator is 150MHz, what type of oscillator would you recommend?
  8. M

    low frequency tuned oscillator

    Recently i started a project: trying to build my own function generator. The most important reason for me doing this project is learning more about oscillators and their limits and possibilities. So far i found a few designs such as the colpitts oscillator and the wien bridge oscillator. The...
  9. sr13579

    How to make an Oscillator for AM radio transmitter?

    I was looking for an 1MHz oscillator for AM radio transmitter circuit. But I couldn't find one with the 4 pin crystal quartz oscillator. How to make an oscillator by myself with basic electronics materials? Any Circuit or ideas?
  10. sr13579

    How to make an oscillator for AM Radio with Arduino?

    Is it possible to make an oscillator for AM radio with Arduino UNO R3? What should be the code? How am I supposed to make a full wave square wave oscillator with Arduino?
  11. allaccess

    LTSpice and oscillators: what's the secret?

    I am having trouble getting LTSpice to simulate oscillations. I drew a schematic of a simple DC source and resistor circuit to make sure I could get the software to work, and after running and adding a current waveform, the waveform displayed just as it should. Then, I tried two oscillators: a...
  12. allaccess

    do i understand this circuit?

    what path do the holes take when the capacitor discharges? Step 1: I believe the the negative side of the capacitor charges through the 22R. I think the positive side of the capacitor charges through the 300K R. At this point, the capacitor is now charged to 3v. Step 2: the capacitor...
  13. D


    I have attached an oscillator circuit simulated in LTspiceIV. Interested in knowing what kind of oscillator this is and its theory of operation. Appreciate your explanations and comments.
  14. J

    Cycle-to-cycle jitter on Colpitts oscillator

    Hi there I'm struggling to get rid of jitter on my Colpitts oscillator. It is currently oscillating at 15 kHz. The problem is that I am getting cycle-to-cycle jitter of up to 384 nS. Is it possible to get a lower cycle-to-cycle jitter with this kind of oscillator. What is a typical...
  15. C

    CD40106 Schmitt trigger not working

    I have recently been attempting to delve into the world of electronics and have been trying to build a very basic oscillator using the CD40106 chip. I have set up the circuit as follows: 9v to pin 14 pin 7 to ground 1 microfarad capacitor from pin 1 to ground 100k ohm potentiometer between pin...
  16. I

    50 Hz oscillator based on a LM324N IC

    hello everyone I want to build a 50 Hz oscillator circuit using the LM324N IC, any body have a schematics to how and what components I'm gonna need ? thanks
  17. martino

    12/24V square wave oscillator from 100 to 2000Hz

    I'd like to build an oscillator able to work with 12 or 24V power supply. The output is a square wave of variable amplitude up to nearby the power supply voltage in the range of 100 to 2000Hz (precision is not an issue). The load capability should be at least 100mA. Regards,
  18. T

    What's going on in this simple FM transmitter, step by step?

    https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=simple+fm+transmitter&biw=1600&bih=775&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiOjtWdgcLOAhXmIcAKHW0EAx4Q_AUIBygC#imgrc=kiQJiKelqDqVMM%3A I'm trying to understand this circuit and so far I read a lot about fm transmitter circuits, but there's no clear description...

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