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  1. S

    Stm32f103c8 microcontroller i2c speed

    I recently bought a monochrome oled 0.96 inch and after hooking it upto to the stm32(blue pill) board, i noticed that the refresh rate was quite slow. I tested out the display with an arduino nano, but the nano's refresh rate was a lot faster. I programmed them both using arduino ide. Is there...
  2. J

    Help looking for Perfect LCD??

    Hello, I have been searching the Internet for days now, hours wasted scrolling through alibaba and aliexpress with very little luck. I am looking for a 1 to 2.6 inch color lcd (doesn't matter if oled or tft or whatever) with a resolution of around 480x800 or similar with an aspect ratio of...
  3. B

    Adafruit OLED Driver Library Change Logo

    Hello I am hoping someone can help me as I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and have tried following the limited information I can find about this online but like a lot of the information the steps given are not always complete which makes trying to figure something out as a...
  4. Navyansh

    which microcontroller should I use for my project?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to microcontrollers and have read multiple guides, although still asking the question. I have used Arduino for quite a long time and have developed some product concept. I am only 14 years old though. I am currently developing a wearable project, therefore size, weight, and...

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