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  1. N

    Novice Cable Gauge Question

    I have a hobbyist's, caged 5v 40A (200W) output, power supply that I want to use to power a 28-hub USB2.0/3.0 data/power hub. I calculated the max current draw to be 15.8A based on: 24 x 500mA (USB 2.0 Ports) = 12,000mA (12A) 4 x 900mA (USB 3.0 Ports) = 3,600mA (3.6A) and confirmed with...
  2. jakub_friso

    Project for interested novice that will give him most taste of electronics?

    I know that there is plenty of stuff on the internet titled: Electronics Projects for Beginners. But I´m looking for a different advice, and for that, I think I need to ask directly professional and more skilled folks that I hopefully will find in here. I'm very interested in electronics but I...

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