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  1. Key Ing

    [Stupid Question] Hard drive port detached with motherboard connectors, need help fixing it.

    Hello, First of all, I'm totally inexperienced, and just someone trying to salvage a device if it's doable. I was trying to disconnect the HDD cable out of its port, but the whole thing came off with the connectors still soldered to it. I got some advice telling me it's an easy fix but I'm...
  2. JamesC13

    Lab bench testing power supply breadboard?

    Hi so this is my first post to this site I do apologize if it has the wrong area I was given a basically what I think is a variable power supply, the terms for me getting this nice thing for free was the fact that it is old one and had been through a fire so it was not damaged however had smoke...
  3. B

    Repairing Blown Circuit - Overpowered with 10v 2.4amp instead of 5v 2amp

    Hello, I know near nothing about circuits and am happy to learn what I need, to get this repaired. Where do I start? I have a bluetooth music receiver with digital out (toslink coax) purchased from overseas. I connected an incorrect power supply and it no longer works (I first connected the...
  4. Ajith Gopi

    Close circuit on click

    I'm new to electronics and I wanna make a circuit that will start continues connection to another circuit on pulse. In long, If the current circuit gets a pulse, an led (suppose) will glow and will not turn off until the battery is disconnected. I'm planning to make a laser-ldr alarm and don't...

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