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  1. sr13579

    How to make a pure two sided sine wave generator with astable multivibrator?

    Hello again, I wanted to make an oscillator that provodes a sine wave. I don't have an oscilloscope with me but I simulated this and found that the sine wave is always at positive side. I want to make sonething that can give me half positive side and half negative side sine wave using one sided...
  2. N

    555 Beginner problem

    Hi I have this assignment, and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I need to design a circuit that produces the output as attached. T1=1ms Duty Cycle1 = 0.75 Duty Cycle2=0.75 T2 can be calculated from T1 tpw3 can be calculated from T2 I have to use monostable and astable...

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