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  1. J

    Trouble with ADA2200 in Multisim

    I am trying to simulate ADA2200 in Multisim. The device is not readily available in Multisim library. So, I downloaded the SPICE netlist code for it from Analog Devices. I tried to make a component in Multisim using this code. But I am encountering an error (It was also commented in the code...
  2. J

    Frequency Analysis in Multisim

    Hi, I wanted to find out the frequency range over which AD620 (an in-amp) works using Multisim. Is it possible to do so? Thanks
  3. I

    mo' bits mo' problems - daq project conversion and transmission doubts

    hi there, I'm working on a small college project and got a little confused regarding some of the wiring and clock management. project consists on AD converting two separate signals, sending them through one channel together and recovering the analog signal like this https://imgur.com/Q2j0Tsa so...
  4. tsalapatas

    Multisim 74LS85 problem

    HI all i am new to this site but i am doing my thesis and i have a serious problem and however i push my brain i cant find a solution.so i am building a circuit in multisim that get the sides of triangles and sqaures and then find the are in cm.i am using as my teacherr adviced me some...
  5. Vaidotas Butkus

    NI Multisim traffic light project

    Hello guys, I'm studying physics, but I have a project in my extra subject and I'm really in a hurry. My electronics knowledge is really basic and I'm stuck. So any help/ideas/discussion is very very appreciated. I have to make a project with at least 2 traffic lights (I don't really know...
  6. L

    Self-Stopping 99-0 Countdown Clock

    I am using multisim trying to make a self stopping down counter from 99-0. the only requirements are below! I've tried a few different ways and I have no idea. Please help!! · Build a 2-digit countdown clock using two 7-segment displays with the following characteristics: Make it countdown in...

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