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  1. D

    Getting message to call using a debouncing circuit

    Need helping implementing interrupt to call message by spdt switch . Use portb or use porta ? #include <GENERAL.h> ;This is the header file you created for this lab#1 ;;; Blinking Module Variables and Constants ;#include "p16f84a.inc" ;__CONFIG _FOSC_HS & _WDTE_OFF & _PWRTE_OFF &...
  2. Analastuomar

    Importing PIC18F Project into PIC32

    Hi, I purchased a new PIC32 USB Starter Kit II development board. It doesn't come with a CD. My project in PIC18F is mixed of C and assembly. I'd like to import the old project into to PIC32. Q1) Is there any conflict between the PIC18F tools and PIC32? Q2) What's the nearest tool should I...
  3. p1ng54


    Hi I am using pic18f452 and I am trying to get it to communicate with laptop through RS-232. I used hex file from mikroC built in library code and tried burning it using genius g540 it didnt work I got HIGH(Logic 1) output on several pins I didnt code to and LOW(Logic 0) on which I coded to get...

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