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midi electronics

  1. C

    Midi controller / DAC interface not recognised (Device descriptor request failed).

    I have an EKS XP10 midi controller with a Burr Brown DAC. When plugging in the controller it isn't being recognised by Windows. I have two more of the same controllers. Only this one has this problem. I have checked and confirm there is steady 5v across legs 1 and 4 of USB socket on the...
  2. J

    Understanding Small part of AVR code

    Hello fellow Electro-Techs, thank you for your time!! I am currently in the process of combining my love for music with my fascination with ucontrollers and am trying to design a midi to cv converter by myself. I am analysing a code and am currently stuck with the following. It is for a...
  3. Sinedup

    MIDI-Keyboard scanner - error in supply / HF decoupling circuit?

    Common +5V, common ground, decouplers between? Hi all. In a distributor's catalogue selling the 510 Scanner IC, (touch-sensitive MIDI), a simplified schematic of a generic (no brand) keyboard controller is added. Looking at the way the miniature circuit is drawn, it appears that all 20x 0.1uF...

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