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microcontroller projects

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    QR Barcode readers with PIC16f877A (Updated)

    Hey all , I hope you are doing well and staying safe during this pandemic, I have posted before that I'm working on a Door Lock system project with RFID module and key pad using Pic16f877a and I want to add QR to my project . after a saw the answers I did not know actually what to do for that I...
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    Can someone please explain the "readKey" subroutine in this code

    I haven't learnt the coding part of keypad integration in 8051 yet, but I'm aware of the working and theory behind the integration. I'd really appreciate it if someone explains the readKey subroutine in the attached file. Thanks in advance. - Kat
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    can someone help me to provide code for my project using arduino

    am doing a project on automatic gas booking and gas leakage detection system, i need code for doing it in arduino what the project actually does is. it continuously checks the wieght of the lpg cylinder, and it sends a message to the given number , when the lpg gas becomes empty. and the other...

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