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ltspice model simulation

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    Problem with Electric and LTSpice

    I am completely new to this and am confused about a lot of things the way my professor wants us to set-up the stuff. Anyways, following the steps to the best of my ability, I ended up at this point here: A SCHEMATIC OF AN INVERTER. I did a DRC run and there were no errors with my schematic. The...
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    LTspice simulation of behavioural voltage sources

    Hi everyone, I am using LTSpice IV version 4.231. I have a polynomial fit to a current-voltage characteristic curve and would like to simulate in LTSpice using B sources. The polynomial fit is: Appreciate your suggestions and comments.
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    What simulation type to use in LTSPice to see a graph of varying OUTPUTS and not inputs

    I need to model a simple circuit which has a fixed 3V input and a variable resistor. I want to model the varying outputs over time. What simulation type do I use? DC operating point will only generate a numerical output. DC sweep requires a changing input. The others are for AC I would...

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