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ltspice custom models

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    sumulating a real life linear component using its response function

    I have a complicated but linear component(its a coil with a certain shape of metal inside it) that I need to simulate with extreme accuracy. I can measure it's impedance and I would like to create an LTSpice component with that exact impedance so the simulation can be exact. is that possible? I...
  2. B

    Ltspice 8390 for Automotive Application

    Hello all, I am currently working on a project where, I have to measure the voltage and current at the load connected to (ECU) Electronic control unit in a truck. The battery Voltage Vin (12V- 48V) has to be varied . The input from the battery will be given to Switch mode DC\DC regulator IC...
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    elementary problems inserting custom models into ltspice

    Hi All! After installing the new version, I needed a high voltage ZETEX transistor ZTX658. Grabbed the model from their site, pasted it to the ltspice standard.bjt file, renamed a standard npn to ZTX658. I was a little surprised that this did not work at all. Pasting the model into the...

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