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low voltage

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    Selecting MOSFET Configuration

    Hello Everyone... I am trying to make a Low Voltage Buzzer Warning that beeps on and off, without a microcontroller.... I have a latching detection circuit here that puts out about a 6V signal until the battery is dead, then it drops off and latches off until it is reset.... This is the...
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    Low Voltage Shutoff

    I have this circuit built, and the first batch of 6 pieces all worked. Now the second time, I made 4, and only 1 works, the others all do the following. When the voltage goes below 16.2V, the output drops to 7.8V and something buzzes softly. The voltage then after a bit, does go down to zero...
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    Help with my simple SMPS design

    Hello, I have a little problem. I chose a project for school which I've managed to get working... All the circuitry before and after the SMPS is working properly, my only concern here is, that the SMPS is only working at an efficiency of around 54%. I've added my schematics for the SMPS...
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    Low voltage, low temp DC heating element

    Hi all, I put together a few basic circuits back in college, but don't really remember much. I'm trying to figure out how to make a heating element that can be powered by a battery and used to wrap around a container and keep it just a few degrees above freezing. I'll probably add in...

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