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low voltage trigger

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    Selecting MOSFET Configuration

    Hello Everyone... I am trying to make a Low Voltage Buzzer Warning that beeps on and off, without a microcontroller.... I have a latching detection circuit here that puts out about a 6V signal until the battery is dead, then it drops off and latches off until it is reset.... This is the...
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    Low Voltage Shutoff

    I have this circuit built, and the first batch of 6 pieces all worked. Now the second time, I made 4, and only 1 works, the others all do the following. When the voltage goes below 16.2V, the output drops to 7.8V and something buzzes softly. The voltage then after a bit, does go down to zero...
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    remote release DIY 2 way radio- solenoid

    heres my project and or idea.... im trying to use a two way radio to signal another two way radio. i have 12 VDC magnetic solenoid thats hooked to a bird launcher(big sling shot used for training retrievers). when solenoid receives power it retracts in turn releasing the latch.... i have done...

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