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  1. M

    Complete newbie needs help with LM3915 VU Meter Circuit

    Just started with electronics a few days ago. I decided to build a microphone based VU meter using LM3915 and NE5532 for my first project. I wired the LM3915 according to the datasheet for a scale between 4.5 V and 7.5V together with some preamp schematic I found on Google. I really should have...
  2. ClydeCrashKop

    Interfacing Arduino with LM3915

    After searching the internet, I got a lot of clues but no answer. Here is the answer. The LM3915 bar / dot display driver wants an analog input up to 1.25 volts where the tenth LED comes on. Arduino analog output is actually PWM at 5 volts, using a 5 volt supply. This gets a smooth voltage...

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