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  1. Clarkdale44

    Inrush current limiter... How to do it?

    Hello... I have an DC to AC inverter, which is capable of outputting 600 Watts at margin. I have a few inductive loads that causes the inverter to overload and restart (after restart the load works fine). Although it only takes 1 second approx but still it's annoying... My inverter can run all...
  2. Gabriel Sá Pinto

    Measuring LCL and OVP thresholds in LTSPICE

    Hi there! I've been given a group of circuit schematics for testing and I must measure the current and voltage thresholds on a Latching Current Limiter and Overhead voltage Protector respectively. I know how to simulate and measure currents and voltages in LTSPICE but something about the...

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