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  1. B

    Adafruit OLED Driver Library Change Logo

    Hello I am hoping someone can help me as I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out and have tried following the limited information I can find about this online but like a lot of the information the steps given are not always complete which makes trying to figure something out as a...
  2. Hackpenguin

    jElectronics Javascript electronics calculations library

    heres my javascript library that contains a lot of functions and objects that can be used for electronic calculations. heres a list of some of the stuff it can do Ohms law Resistor Color code(4-band and 5-band resistors) Series and Parallel array of resistance,capacitance and inductance...
  3. D

    How can I measure execution time and memory usage of C implemented libraries?

    Hello. I have the task of evaluate functions of C implemented libraries that will run on embedded systems. Those libraries are implemented in .h files and then included in implementations. I was given a FFT library implemented in C that was meant to run on Arduino. In the readme file of the...

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