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  1. A

    Help with smart twilight switch design LTSPICE

    The main specification consists in the resolution of a technical problem by the use of electronic systems It is proposed to design an Adaptive flashlight so that the light intensity depends on the brightness environmental. When there is a lot of ambient light the flashlight is off and according...
  2. J

    The 7-segment LED display is too dark when connected to a auto dimming circuit

    I'm using the below circuit to build a auto dimming circuit. I was fine when I only use one 7-segment led, but when I connect more 7-segment led (parallel to L1) the light intensity is very low. How to make it brighter and function properly? Thank you.
  3. L

    Code or name of LDR with special design

    Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums and hope to get some help. During the maintenance to a broken equipment, I could find that the error was a ldr of special design (not sensitive enough to respond to the stimulus of a laser). I have searched all the electronic stores that I know but they...
  4. Clarkdale44

    What are the alternatives i can use for SL100 Transistor and BT44 Triac?

    Hello I am thinking of building the below circuit but i am short on components. I have all the others except SL100 transistor and BT44 triac which i can't seem to find in any local store. If anyone can tell me what alternative components i can use for these two then please let me know i would...

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