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    Help in laser keyboard

    i have a laser keyboard and the projector inside it is really weak I can’t see anything unless i put it’s really close to the surface that’s it’s at which makes it impossible to use , the projector used to work fine and it still works but it isn’t strong enough for the eye to see. Any help or...
  2. N

    Laser diode driver oscillating

    Hi, I came across a circuit which can be used to drive a laser diode in continuous mode (CW) or modulated (<=100Khz). A BFR540 (NPN) transistor is used to drive the laser diode and a photodiode (inside the laser diode package) provides an output current based on the optical output power, which...
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    Salvaging $1200 retail Richoh laser printer

    Does anyone know if a Ricoh Alficio Mp 301spf laser multifunction is worth salvaging or re-furbishing for sale? I found it on side of road. Was wondering what power cord it needed too if anyone knows

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