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  1. D

    How to debugging IC V9881D using J-link JTAG?

    I try to debugging IC V9881D use J-link JTAG module. I connecting J-link cable to pin MODE1, TDO, TDI, TMS, TCK, VDD5, RSTn, and LDO33 of IC V9881D. I use urJTAG software and Debian OS, but I have some problem like a picture. Could you guys help me to solve the problem?
  2. tom xiao

    A kind of SWD & JTAG Isolater

    Hi, I designed a kind of SWD & JTAG Isolater for Jlink & STLINK, for online debugging. This may keep person and PC USB port from PCB board burning. Can be used in Motor Control, Digital Power and some high-voltage applications. IDE: Keil, IAR, Jflash, STM32 ST-LINK Utility; SWD: 2MHz; JTAG: 6MHz;
  3. riccardo

    JTAG Daisy Chain Programming

    Hi, I have some devices which have an ATtiny1634 on them and an ISP header. I want to be able to program them all at the same time rather than repeatedly plugging in devices and pressing a button. I understand that a "JTAG Daisy chain is the way to go but I'm not sure how to implement it. The...

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