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Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.


  1. R

    MOSFET gets hot and burns

    Hello guys please I have a question. Am making an inverter with SG3525 as the oscillation driver circuit. Now the issue I have is , when ever I turn on the inverter, one channel of the MOSFETs gets hot, while the remaining channel is cool and okay, and before I see the cjhannel with hot heat...
  2. A

    Three phase inverter

    I would like to know the issues having in this circuit. for the output I am getting 60Vdc with or without the load.
  3. S

    Grid-tie Inverter vs Feed-In Inverter

    Hi all, New to the forum so please excuse the ignorance. I am looking to use a few second-life EV cells to make a home energy storage solution. I'm pretty comfortable with the more basic aspects of charging and battery management, but the inverter area I am finding a tad confusing. I would...
  4. V

    Value to simulate igbt and diode in ltspice from datasheet

    I have igbt and diode data sheet used for inverter and rectifier circuit design. i need simulate inverter in ltspice using the voltage controlled switch component. How obtain to these values from the igbt/diode data sheet datasheet is attached here Name Description Units Ron Resistance in...
  5. V

    three phase inverter design in ltspice

    I have designed three phase inverter in ltspice with SPWM technique using mosfet switch. the output voltage at the load is incorrect. could anyone please tell me what is wrong in the simulation to get the output properly.
  6. S

    Battery Bank / Inverter Conundrum

    Hello, New to forum, hope to get some advice. Sorry for the long introduction but want to provide as much info as possible to bring to light what I’ve considered and to help provide a solution. I have some background in electronics, but definitely a novice. TLDR; I have a battery bank that I...
  7. G

    How to make a simple power bank with 8 D batteries and an inverter ?

    I ordered a battery holder for 8 D cell batteries to make 12vdc and was wondering if an inverter like they make for cars would work with that to make 110vac for temporary use with various devices, LED lamps, ect. either outside or during a power outage. I was thinking maybe a 200watt inverter...
  8. O

    LTSpice Half bridge inverter

    I am trying to create a simple half bridge inverter in LTSpice. I have chosen to use a purely inductive load and I am having some problems with the circuit. I am using a gate driver the IR2110a to drive the MOSFETS. The problems I am having are the output voltage (Vs-Va) is not as expected. I...
  9. sr13579

    How to make a pure two sided sine wave generator with astable multivibrator?

    Hello again, I wanted to make an oscillator that provodes a sine wave. I don't have an oscilloscope with me but I simulated this and found that the sine wave is always at positive side. I want to make sonething that can give me half positive side and half negative side sine wave using one sided...
  10. S

    I want to trade - new hobbyist

    I've been gathering electronics from CRT's to computer modems, to LCD displays, wifi extenders and much more. I'd like to mail products I have to people who have junk stuff lying around such as, the cheap open circuit boards that serve purposes and to anyone who can give me a schematic to build...
  11. A

    what's the working principle of this inverter circuit I found this inverter circuit online I can't read it , can you explain it to me thanks
  12. F

    driving motor and simulation

    Hi, I work as inverter and dc / dc designer, but I'm new in three-phase motors' subject. I should make a project sketched in the figure. the characteristics of the motors are in the picture. I say the pilot will be in open loop. how are the discrete components (MOS or igbt) dimensioned in...
  13. J

    How to make flip-flop (frequency-divider) with schmitt inverter?

    Hi Ideally, i'm looking for a simple frequency divider that i can feed a square wave, using only schmitt inverters or schmitt NAND (just one if possible). Should work over a wide input-frequency range. The posts below provide a schematic for a so-called "flip-flop" (which i think is really a...
  14. S

    DC link capacitor values calculation in a 2 leg inverter

    Dear All, I would like to know the formula to calculate the capacitance for two capacitors whose midpoint is connected to a third phase of brushless dc motor (For simplification one can consider "series RL" load connected in WYE or DELTA fashion). Overall its about driving a 3 phase motor with 4...
  15. I

    50 Hz oscillator based on a LM324N IC

    hello everyone I want to build a 50 Hz oscillator circuit using the LM324N IC, any body have a schematics to how and what components I'm gonna need ? thanks
  16. K

    Help needed with a component recomendation

    Hello all, I'm looking for a component recommendation for a unity gain analog inverter. I have available a regulated 5v DC supply and a stable ground supplying various sensors whose outputs serve a sealed black box computer. The computer generates various control signals up to 12 volts DC, it's...
  17. B

    Working of PWM regulator LM3524

    Hi! I am building a single phase DC-AC inverter using PWM controller IC LM3524. While testing the PWM chip I find that both the outputs are in phase instead of 180 degree out of phase. Is my understanding about the outputs to be out phase wrong?
  18. Clarkdale44

    Help: regarding solar system installation? clear some doubts...

    Hello I need to clear some doubts about solar power.. I will write down my theory please correct them if i am wrong. I must tell you that i have absolutely no knowledge of solar power system. I have tried google but couldn't understand how solar panals are calculated and how many batteries and...
  19. J

    JFET Inverter

    Hi there I'm currently stuck on a simple JFET inverter design. I know the BJT equivalent, but am unsure how to do the equivalent using a JFET. How would I go about designing an inverter using an N-channel JFET? I'm assuming no gate resistor is necessary, since the JFET has a high impedance and...
  20. RonaldRandall

    Connecting Inverter Ups with a Solar Panel

    Hi! I may seem a bit dumb here but, please don't be rude. Recently I bought some solar panels for a very cheap rate. I have been thinking to use it at my office. I have this commercial inverter ups system at my office How can...

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