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  1. atferrari

    Four IDE HDDs - best way to extract their data?

    There are four HDDs of the old IDE standard I would like to extract data from. Not even sure if I would keep any of them working later, as a permanent external drive. Is it the USB - IDE/Sata interface the way to go? The one including an additional power supply for the drive in use. I know I...
  2. T

    Micro-controller <-> Z80 interface?

    Hi everyone, I am basically pretty new to the whole electronics/digital electronics thing, so please assume a pretty low level of knowledge. I am looking to improve the interface I have between my micro-controller and Z80 SBC, which can run at 4 or 8 MHz. Currently, I am using a two-wire...
  3. Lin4Fun

    IFC Engine- & enviroment analog sensordata to NME2000 bus through Teensy3.6 (marine application)

    Hello, I am working on a DIY project to interface a lot of signals to a NMEA2000 bus to be able to controle an older analog engine and other sensors with a new multi function display. To do so I am using Arduino / Teensy microcontroller together with a NMEA2K library. I started to design the...
  4. S

    Interfacing to displays with MCU/SBC

    Recently I have been looking at driving cheap and simple 320 pix by 240 pix graphics displays with Arduino Meggas and Raspberry Pi Zeros and I noticed Nigel's comment: @ http://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/remote-green-house-monitor-pic-and-hc-12.149016/ Is it problematic: views...
  5. B

    Monitors-PC Interface

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a new project in which I want to create multiple games inside one room. Those games will use electronics and mechanics. So for almost everyone of this games I'll need to have a monitor and a microcontroller. Besides that i'll have a main pc interfacing with the...

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