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  1. V

    IR based Speed control of Single Phase AC motor using a Microcontroller 8051

    Hi all, My project is to create an infrared remote to change the speed and switch on/off of a cap start/run type single phase induction motor operating at AC mains (230V, 50Hz). I have worked out the controlling the speed of the motor part (using a solid state relay to control phase angle of...
  2. M

    IR LED Powering Circuit - Design Viability Check Needed

    I have been tasked with designing and building a device that will use a .4V Peak to Peak amplitude voltage source to power 5 IR LED's in parallel. I have attached my design schematic, which includes a low pass filter amplifier with a cutoff frequency of 120Hz and a gain of 101 (though the opamp...
  3. NickF

    RIR Sensor with ~3ft detection capability?

    Question for you sensor experts... I'm looking to do a project that would involve detecting when an item passes through a doorway near ground level (~6 inches above ground level). Doing a bit of research it looks like a reflective infrared sensor would do the trick ... only issue I have come...

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