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induction motor

  1. throbscottle

    What's going on here?

    Been having a clear out of old files, found this. I captured this bit of schematic when I dismantled an old money counting machine, years ago. It's the power supply to an induction motor which rotates the pick-up rotor. The motor is shown by L1, L2 and the circle. Triac D2 looks like a...
  2. Grossel

    Want some advices about PWM for re-using small 3 phase motor

    Walking around on the floor these days pondering about if I should built myself a PWM controller for use on a cheap 3-phase motor from a washing machine (typically not more rated than 2 hp). I don't have one yet in my hands, so any question will be general for most induction motors avaiable. I...

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